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Things Of Interest




We are discovering new things everyday, here are our findings since arriving.

For our regular updates please checkout The Beekeepers Log Book. 

We recently met someone who walked to Castro Marim from Germany, it took her around 3 months, alternatively you can fly to Faro or Seville. At either of these airports take a bus into town and catch the local train to Castro Marim, this journey will cost around 6 euros. We can then pick you up from the train station or its a short walk to the farmhouse past young orange groves.


Sail to Santandar, Spain and drive into Portugal...


If you come by car, follow the A22 towards Spain, exit at Monte Gordo. When you reach the roundabout turn left towards V. R. St Antonio, then take the first left towards Sao Bartolomeu. Pass through the village, cross over at the train tracks and turn left at the road sign for Rio Seco where you will see the farm Quinta da Fornalha on your left. Follow the road round and we are the first house on your right, the drive is marked with blue paint.



Our House And The Land

Here at the farmhouse we have a free standing wood burning oven, perfect for making homemade breads and pizza.
Currently under construction is the decking to house our hot tub, which will sit under the stars...
The land is to be scattered with multifunctional decks, serving as platforms to any artistic and theraputic needs. we are excited to position furniture in nature, you may find a hamock, arm chair or a writting desk as you walk the land.
At the furthest reaches of our land is a lagoon, filled with fish, toped with water lillies and surrounded by wet land plants and reeds, making an ideal sanctuary for birds and twitchers! Bird watching enthusiasts Stuart and Jane Brown managed to spot the slightly but not too rare Hoopoe around the lagoon.

Olhao & The Crumbling Foundation

Getting Here

Olhao is a coastal town situated between Tavira and Faro. We have been going to these great antiques shop on the outskirts of the town to get bits for The Beekeepers but till now had not entered the old town. This place is a real hidden gem, with an amazing community of fantastic artists, beautiful cobbled streets and breathtaking buildings. On our travels we were introduced to an english artist called Piers De Laszlo who has been living in Olhao for nearly 20 years. He set up The Crumbling Foundation, and is in a daily battle to attempt to stop the many wonderful old building in the town from being knocked down for touristic redevelopment. It really is an inspirational story and one you can find out more about with this link. Click Here






Quinta Da Fornalha

The Beekeepers are based in a traditional Portuguese farm house, offered to us by one of the oldest and wisest land owning families in the region. The working farm specialise in producing figs, almonds, olives and salt from the marshes 2 km away.


Anyone staying with the Beekeepers is welcome and encouraged to vistit the farm to learn about it's organic farming methods, buy produce and take a dip in the swimming pool. Were especially looking forward to Summer when the farms Taberna comes into full swing, serving up daily produce from the local land in a traditionally Algarvian style.


For more information about Quinta da Fornalha please Click Here.




Food & Drink 
Praia Verde is our closest beach around 2km away, which makes up part of Monte Gordo bay. It has a vastness of temperate soft white sandy beaches. The seas are filled with donax clams, shrimp and a wide variety of coastal fish. The beaches are hemmed with pine and broom sand dunes. 
Cacela Velha is our favourite beach, around 7 km away. Nestled in a small sleepy fishing community, with a central church, strange modern cemetary and a beautiful cobbled path to the beach. Here you can harvest cactai fruit and samphire.   
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