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The heart of the Beekeepers is within the walls of Phaedra, an eco-built structure formed from the land.  Centered around a  large courtyard, there are 4 private rooms, Amaterasu, Belabog, Shamash and Atarapa each unique in style, but connected by their individual relationship to the outdoors and the land.  There is a bathroom area with 2 compost toilets, 2 showers (1 heated, the other solar heated) and a wash area with 2 sinks.


Can accommodate:  From 4 to 8 people depending on layout

The Birdhouse

A self contained home from home.

A wooden summer house, fully self-contained and set within nature. There is one good-sized bedroom area, a private bathroom with shower and composting toilet, and a large open living space, with kitchenette including fridge.


Can accommodate 1 - 2 people

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